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About Us


Welcome to Wine-Fi your Wi-Fi/Wired connection for Wine Accessories and Gift ideas 25 hours a day, 8 days a week since April 2007.

Our History to date.

In 2005 my wife and I were Wine tasting in Monterey County and I saw these particular Wine Glasses in Chateau Julien's tasting room that tickled my fancy and started collecting that particular grape cluster design. I noticed that not all the Wineries carried that design so my collecting was far and in-between. 2006 I was still collecting these bit by bit and thought to myself "If I like them there's bound to be others too. I could start a web site and sell all those fun items you'd find in a Tasting Room too!"

The end of '06 saw us, researching Web Hosts, payment options, coming up with a business name, researching domain names etc. To be honest the first domain name I selected and bought really sucked, "waitermorewineplease", good song lousy web site name ! I needed inspiration so I started looking though Wine Magazines, Newsletters and the like. I came across a little blurb from a tasting room saying "...bring your wireless laptop to the tasting room, taste some wines and Wine-Fi.", there it was the perfect domain name "Wine-Fi"! launched in April 2007 as an e-commerce Business-to-consumer site.

In June of 2007 meeting guest speaker Louis Lucas of "Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards" at a "" event hosted by Ricardo Kanakari, our brief conversation lead into "Can you make Clocks out of Wine Barrels and what else can you do ?", a Challenge !

Met that challenge and Wine-Fi is in the Clock making business along with other unique and one of a kind Wine Barrel Decor and accessory items. These particular items are not mass produced. I make every attempt (depending what it is) not to introduce foriegn materials into my work, meaning I'll use as much of the barrels as possible as my focus.

2008 seems to have been just a cruising year but 2009 was different.

July of 2009 was the start of a very special relationship with Red Feather Winery in Livermore, Ca. Invited as a vendor to a benefit for Breast Cancer, Connie Davis was impressed with the variety of accessories and the Wine Barrel Decor I had been making. 3 months later my wife and I baby sat the Winery while she and her husband Dan attended a Family Reunion. Any way this led to supplying her Tasting Room with Accessories every now and then. And building even more Wine Barrel Decor etc. BTW Dan's Cabrenet Sauvignon was the best I had ever had.   

2010 we expanded into making our own Wine Related Jewelry, Embroidered Wine Apparel & Kitchen items, embroidered apparel for Red Feather Winery and supplying Larlaw Promotions with Bottle Stopper Displays made from Staves.

2011 we're still here and pouring it on so stay tuned I'll try to keep up on "Wine-Fi News and Musing". Be safe out there and "Keep on Wine-Fi'ing !"

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