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Wine-Fi News and Musings


Summer vacation is over, kids are back in school and College Football is ON! With that in mind I was looking over the AP TOP 25 and thought it would be fun featuring a Collegiate Glassware sale of the winners. Now we don't have all the colleges represented here, but we do have quite a few. Regular prices of Wine, Pilsner and Martini Collegiate Glassware is $49.00 for a set of 2, let's knock that down to $45.00 for a little over 10% off for the week. Your Collegiate Team Wins, you Win ! What Collegiate Team will have the longest running Sale here ?

Here's a partial list below (to see all in stock collegiate glassware winners see our home page)

Oklahoma Sooners Pilsner & Martini 

Alabama Wine, Pilsner & Martini  

LSU Wine & Pilsner

Florida State Wine & Pilsner

Stanford Wine & Pilsner 

Remember the above is just a partial listing of our Collegiate Glassware


Moving along here, 2 new product offerings :

19 yr Old Cabernet Bonsai - Being Wine Lovers we've all dreamed about owning a Vineyard. Then reality sets in, it can be very expensive nad we do not have the space. Here's our solution, abeit it's not a Vineyard you can own your own 12" - 14" tall Grapevine with this "19 yr Old Cabernet Bonsai".

6 year old Cabernet Sauvignon Grapevine Bonsai Tree - It's been skillfully cultivated, pruned and shaped over the years to produce a classic wine grape which hangs in clusters from this vineyard treasure. It bears tiny Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and even looses leaves during the Winter months.


Wine-Fi Shipping Cost - Pretty much shipping has been included in the prices of all products except our collegiate and 6 set wine glasses. So it's what you see is what you'll pay to "most" US destinations unless otherwise mentioned. International orders additional charges may apply. 

That's it for now so Keep on Wine-Fi'ing and be safe out there. 

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