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Wine-Fi News and Musings


Collegiate Glassware Sales this week, your team Wins its' glassware knocked down to $45.00 a pair from $49.00 a pair, that's a $4.00 savings. And Wine-Fi discount codes can save you an additional 10% . Don't have a Wine-Fi discount code ? You can e-mail us at to aquire yours or visit our Facebook Page and get your code under "About".

When undefeateds meet some one has to loose unfortunately.
Arkansas fell to Alabama ( Wine Pilsner & Martini ), Oklahoma State ( Wine and Pilsner ) held over Texas A & M , Georgia Tech ( Wine and Pilsner ) knocks North Carolina out of the sales colunm

Remaining in the sales colunm  South Carolina ( Wine and Pilsner ), Texas Tech ( Wine and Pilsner ) , Southern Miss, Florida ( Gator Head Wine Glass  Gators Wine Glass and all others ), Oklahoma ( Pilsner and Martini ), Iowa, Georgia ( Wine Pilsner & Martini ), Virginia Tech ( Martini ) remains 4-0, Oregon, LSU ( Wine and Pilsner ) was solid agaist West Virginia taking them off being on sale.

Back on sale Auburn, Mississippi State with their OT win, Ohio State ( all six choices )
Stanford ( Wine and Pilsner ), Purdue, Iowa State, Louisville were idle so they can hang around another week on sale.

Last night was our ( Wife and I ) first visit to "The Mountain Winery" to see Buddy Guy and BB King. Very nice place to see a show and a nice view of Silicon Valley.  Unfortunately we didn't do any tasting while there so we'll have to make that a point next time. 

New Products - Did finish up my W I N O Bottle Stoppers need to get pictures done now. So during my candle holder projects I saved the cores I'd cut out of the the Staves figuring they'd come in handy for something. Well my Wife did some wine themed embrodery on napkins and wanted a napkin ring. A quick check using my "O" Bottle Stopper solved the use for those cores I kept around. Again, need to get pictures done. Have a few other new products that need some final touches so stay tuned.

That's it for the moment so Keep on Wine-Fi'ing and be safe out there. 

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