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Wine-Fi News and Musings


Collegiate Glassware Sales this week, your team Wins its' glassware knocked down to $45.00 a pair from $49.00 a pair, that's a $4.00 savings. And Wine-Fi discount codes can save you an additional 10% . Don't have a Wine-Fi discount code ? You can e-mail us at to aquire yours or visit our Facebook Page and get your code under "About".

Undefeateds met and some one lost. Wisconsin romped Nebraska dumping them from being on sale this week as did Alabama's ( Alabama Wine Glasses , Alabama Pilsner Glasses  Alabama Martini Glasses ) win over The Flodia Gators, Virginia Tech ummm What happened ?, Iowa State hosted Texas and that didn't work out so well for Iowa State back to regular price.

Georgia Tech also perfect ( Georgia Tech Wine Glasses and Georgia Tech Pilsner Glasses ) , Oklahoma ( Oklahoma Martini Glasses  Oklahoma Pilsner Glasses ) well Oklahoma won big time, LSU ( LSU Wine Glasses and LSU Pilsner Glasses ) did let kentucky score ...when it was already 35-zip, looked like UCLA would give Stanford ( Stanford Wine Glasses  Stanford Pilsner Glasses ) a run for it's money but they just didn't have "Luck" on their side! 

Arkansas Martini Glasses are back in the Sales column, in a tight game South Carolina was knocked out by Auburn ( Auburn Wine Glasses and Auburn Pilsner Glasses ) who'll remain on sale as does Texas Tech ( Texas Tech Wine Glasses  Texas Tech Pilsner Glasses ) with win over Kansas, Kansas State remains perfect but still out of Stock, Ole' Miss Wine Glasses  Ole' Miss Pilsner Glasses are back on sale, Southern Miss Wine Glasses and Southern Miss Pilsner Glasses are still on sale this week while Mississippi State was bumped off by Georgia who has Georgia Wine Glasses  Georgia Martini Glasses and Georgia Pilsner Glasses , West Virginia ( West Virginia Wine Glasses  West Virginia Pilsner Glasses ) has bounced back from last weeks loss as has North Carolina ( North Caroline Wine Glasses    North Carolina Pilsner Glasses ), and Purdue has lost 2,  Tennessee is back on sale with Tennessee Wine Glasses and  Tennessee Pilsner Glasses .

Iowa Martini Glasses , Oklahoma State Wine Glasses and Oklahoma Pilsner Glasses idle so still on sale, Oregon plays Thrusday will Oregon Martini Glasses remain on sale ?

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