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Wine-Fi News and Musings

It's Sunday, so it's time to update this weeks Collegiate glassware sales on the Football score results. I know there are some disappointments out there but not everyone can win. Also, updates of new product catagories added at Wine-Fi .

Collegiate Glassware Sales this week, your team Wins its' glassware knocked down to $45.00 a pair from $49.00 a pair, that's a $4.00 savings. And Wine-Fi discount codes can save you an additional $$$'s . Don't have a Wine-Fi discount code ? You can e-mail us at to aquire yours or visit our Facebook Page and get your code under "About".

Still on sale this week Arkansas with it's Martini Glass remians knocking off Auburn from sales this week. University of South Carolina Wine Glasses and University of South Carolina Pilsner Glasses are back on sale this week with a win over Kentucky. Oklahoma State Wine Glasses and Oklahoma State Pilsner Glasses remain on sale with Oklahoma State's win over Kansas. Nebraska (out of Stock) kept Ohio State (in stock) from re-entering the sales column. Same situation with Kansas State winning but out of stock over Missouri (also out of stock). I hope new shipments get in soon.

Ole Miss was idle so University of Mississippi Wine Glasses and  University of Mississippi Pilsner Glasses stay on sale.

Georgia Institute of Technology Wine Glasses  and Georgia Institute of Technology Pilsner Glasses are still on sale with Georgia Techs win over Maryland remaining 6-0. University of Southern Mississippi Wine Glasses and University of Southern Mississippi Pilsner Glasses are also still on sale with it's win over Navy.

Mississippi State University Pilsner Glasses and Mississippi State University Wine Glasses are back (Martini Glasses out of stock). University of Oklahoma Pilsner Glasses and University of Oklahoma Martini Glasses remain on sale with Oklahoma's win over Texas.

Stanford's continued winning streak keeps it Stanford University Wine Glasses and Stanford University Pilsner Glasses in the sales column. Georgia keeps it's University of Georgia Martini GlassesUniversity of Georgia Pilsner Glasses and University of Georgia Wine Glasses on sale knocking Tennessee out from this weeks sale. Virginia Tech Martini Glasses are backup for sale after Virginia Tech's run in with Miami. The Wolfpack is back with it's North Carolina State Wolfpack Wine Glasses and North Carolina State Wolfpack Pilsner Glasses by beating Central Michigan.

Oregon State FINALLY enters the sales column with Oregon State University Wine Glasses and Oregon State University Pilsner Glasses with their win over Arizona, so a Cheers to them ! From Thrusday's contest University of Oregon Martini Glasses remained on sale by Oregon beating Cal.

Still rolling on in the sales column with wins this past Saturday are LSU Pilsner Glasses , LSU Wine Glasses , Alabama Wine Glasses , Alabama Martini Glasses and Alabama Pilsner Glasses.

The West Virginia Mountaineers keep their West Virginia Mountaineers Pilsners Glasses and West Virginia Mountaineers Wine Glasses on sale when they beat UConn yesterday. The Purdue Boiler Makers Wine Glasses and Purdue Boiler Makers Pilsners Glasses are back on sale with their win over Minnesota who's having a tough year so far. The Tarheels kept their University of North Carolina Tarheels Pilsner Glasses and their University of North Carolina Tarheels Wine Glasses by surviving against Louisville.

The Aggies and their collection of Texas A & M University Pilsner Glasses , Texas A & M University Martini Glasses and Texas A & M University Wine Glasses are back on sale from a 2 week absence by holding on over Texas Tech who's now knocked out from the sales column.

With the repeal of the California Nexus Tax many companies are re-establishing affiliate contacts. This is good news as it allows Wine-Fi to increase Wine Themed product offerings again. For instance Wine Themed Curtains are once again available at it's Grape Cluster and Wine Themed Kitchen Decor page. Wine Themed Games and Puzzels are always a great hit with fellow Wine Lovers so through affiliation an even wider selection is available.

Wine and Music has always gone together rather well and Wine-Fi wants to tune you in to some of our favorites. Of coarse we all have different tastes which seems rather fitting since we’ve all different tastes in “Wine” as it is. But this may be interesting browsing, just like Blind Wine Tasting!

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