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Wine-Fi News and Musings

Alright, Sunday morning and time to update Collegiate Glassware sale or no sale. And make mention of NEW items out at Wine-Fi.

To bring new readers up to speed here’s the deal on collegiate glasses  Normally a set of 2 Collegiate Glasses are priced at our everyday low price of $49.00. But if your team wins, Wine-Fi will knock $4.00 off the set for an even lower price of $45.00. There are additional saving to be found too. We have 10% discount codes listed is various Social Networking sites like our Facebook Page or we’ll have a discount code listed at Wine-Fi . And of course you can always e-mail us at and ask for a code. Your Team WINS , You WIN additional savings !

Arkansas had enough to defeat Ole Miss to keep their  Arkansas Martini Glasses in the sale column while the Kentucky Wildcats joined the sales ranks with University of Kentucky Pilsner Glasses. Southern Miss Golden Eagles also keep Southern Miss Golden Eagles Wine Glasses and Southern Miss Golden Eagles Pilsner Glasses on sale by defeating Southern Methodist. Hawkeyes are still the sale column with their Iowa Hawkeyes Martini Glasses after defeating Indiana. 2 wins in a row helps Florida State with keeping their Florida State University Pilsner Glasses and Florida State University Wine Glasses on sale for you Seminole fans.

The Hokies Virginia Tech Martini Glasses are still good for sale for another week after deciding to crank it up in the second half against Boston College.

Hey what happen here ? The Wolfpack were idle last week with a win the previous week and they aren't listed for sale. My bad, sorry ! Well.... North Carolina State Wolfpack Wine Glasses and North Carolina State Wolfpack Pilsner Glasses in that sales list now. 

Well look who wants to be on sale for the second time, the Oregon State Beavers. I imagine they'll need Oregon State Beaver Wine Glasses and Oregon State Beaver Pilsner Glasses to celebrate this up coming week if they aren't already. And while we're in Oregon how did the Ducks do for their University of Oregon Ducks Martini Glasses emmm they scored 45 ok and Colorado hit a 2 run homer in the 3rd ok ........ 2 ?!? oops wrong sport. Who's the Homer that gave up the Safety , this is Football not Baseball !

West Virginia oops, what happened ? Well Mountaineer fans if you'd like their glassware this week look for a Wine-Fi discount code to ease some of the burden of $49.00 a set when not on sale, they are out there.

Purdue who are you this week ? Oh Winners! Well at least you're consistent Win loose win loose. Ya think you can win 2 in a row and keep your Purdue University Pilsner Glasses and Purdue University Wine Glasses on sale for 2 weeks in row also? Your fans may appreciate that.

Texas A&M Aggies Martini Glasses , Texas A&M Aggies Wine Glasses and Texas A&M Aggies Pilsner Glasses good to remain on sale this week. And back after 3 losses are the Louisville Cardinals and their University of Louiseville Pilsner Glasses and University of Louiseville Wine Glasses. 

The Texas Tech Red Raiders Pilsner Glasses and Texas Tech Red Raiders Wine Glasses are back on sale after a huge upset of #3 Oklahoma. I only got to see the last 2 minutes or so having been hanging out at Red Feather Winery again this weekend after delivering some embroidered T-Shirts we made for them for their Grape Stomp. 

The South Carolina Gamecocks were idle so University of South Carolina Gamecock Pilsner Glasses and University of South Carolina Gamecock Wine Glasses remain on sale. Also idel was  Ohio State Buckeyes Pilsner GlassesOhio State Buckeyes Wine Glasses , Ohio State Buckeyes Martini Glasses , Ohio State University Wine w/Leaf Glasses , Ohio State University Pilsner w/Leaf Glasses and Ohio State University Martini w/Leaf Glasses remian idley on sale.

Georgia Bulldogs idle Georgia Bulldogs Martini Glasses , Georgia Bulldogs Wine Glasses and Georgia Bulldogs Pilsner Glasses are still hanging around on sale for you fans to pick up.

LSU over Auburn knocking them off the sales list and for a 8th time Louisiana State University Pilsner Glasses and LSU Wine Glasses remain in that sales column. Also Alabama Wine Glasses , Alabama Martini Glasses and Alabama Pilsner Glasses are in that sales column after their 8th game.

Oklahoma State Cowboys Wine Glasses and Oklahoma State Cowboys Pilsner Glasses continue to be on sale after their 7th win.

Stanford made a BIG statement "Keep our Stanford University Pilsner Glasses and Stanford University Wine Glasses on sale !", by squashing Pac 12 rival Washington 65-21. Wish I had watched that game, should have recorded it.....oh well.

Now for what’s NEW out at Wine-Fi.

Couple weeks ago Connie’s Boutique contacted Wine-Fi inquiring if it would carry their Bottle Cap Wine Charms . Sounded like a great idea ! There’s a nice variety too of Halloween Charms 3 to choose from. And get them soon, Halloween is near. There are other Holiday Themed Charms. Thanksgiving Wine Themed Charms feature Charlie Brown and the Gang with Peanuts Thanksgiving and Vintage Thanksgiving Bottle Cap Wine Charms with some classic pictures.  So consider, Thanksgiving is next month might as well plan ahead.  Then there’s Christmas , check them out at Bottle Cap wine Charms at Wine-Fi. How would you like wine Charms of Family and Friends ? Special occasions like Weddings, Anniversaries, Vacations. Maybe your favorite Sports Team, Cars, Motorcycles the possibilities are limitless with Custom/Personalized Bottle Cap Charms

Well that’s it for now, so “Keep on Wine-Fi’ing” and be safe out there.

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