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Wine-Fi News and Musings

Well October is just about over with tomorrow being Halloween and some parts of the country are going to have a WHITE Halloween?  Stay warm out there Trick or Treaters. Speaking of the strange weather it’s raised a little havoc with the Grape harvest too of some Wineries. Talking to Dan & Connie Davis yesterday of Red Feather Winery the Brix of their Cabernet Sauvignon seem to be holding at 22. So they’ve waited as long as they could and this week they’ll start there harvest along with many other Wineries trying to beat the rains predicted for next week. Guess we’ll find out in a couple years how 2011 stands up.

OK, moving on here to this weeks Collegiate Football Glassware Sales. As you know if your team “Wins” their glassware goes on sale at $45.00 a pair from $49.00. And of course there are other discounts that can apply increasing your overall saving. Oh, if your Team didn’t win well there’s a discount you can use to save a little. Where are these discounts ? There’s one posted out at Wine-Fi , another on our Wine-Fi Facebook page under “About” to name a few.

To the updates here, let’s start with idle teams on sale now. 

 Louisiana State University Pilsner Glasses and LSU Wine Glasses Alabama Wine Glasses , Alabama Martini Glasses and Alabama Pilsner Glasses  OH BOY !!!!  These two 8-0’s will be facing off Nov. 5th #1 LSU and #2 Alabama set your recorders, some one is going to be eliminated for their run of 9 games in a row on sale.

The players

Arkansas came back in the 4th quarter to keep their Arkansas Martini Glasses on sale, while Kentucky was knock out of the sales column and the Mississippi State Bull Dogs put their

Mississippi State Bull Dogs Pilsner Glasses , Mississippi State Bull Dogs Wine Glasses and Mississippi State Bull Dogs Martini Glasses back in that column. University of South Carolina Gamecock Pilsner Glasses and University of South Carolina Gamecock Wine Glasses remain on sale beating Tennesse and the Iowa State Cyclones also put their Iowa State Cyclones Martini Glasses and Iowa State Cyclones Wine Glasses in the sales column by winning their game over Texas Tech. Texas Tech fans , find the discount this week. 

Kansas State’s run of 7 wins came to an end at the hands of Oklahoma who put their Oklahoma  Sooners Martini Glasses and  Oklahoma  Sooners Pilsner Glasses  back into the sale column this week with. Auburn is back with their Auburn Tigers Wine Glasses and Auburn Tigers Pilsner Glasses  keeping Ole Miss out of the sales column. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets  put Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Wine Glasses and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Pilsner Glasses on sale with a big 31-17 upset win over previously unbeaten Clemson. Good job there ! Southern Miss Golden Eagles keep Southern Miss Golden Eagles Wine Glasses and Southern Miss Golden Eagles Pilsner Glasses on sale for a 6th game in a row.

One team has 2 wins in a row and one team has 2 losses in row who are they ? Wisconsin is going the wrong way losing to the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Buckeyes mean while keep their fans happy with 6 different glasses on sale,  Ohio State Buckeyes Pilsner GlassesOhio State Buckeyes Wine Glasses , Ohio State Buckeyes Martini Glasses , Ohio State University Wine w/Leaf Glasses Ohio State University Pilsner w/Leaf Glasses and Ohio State University Martini w/Leaf Glasses  Wow what a collection, get yours now !  Why ? Keep on reading ……..

The University of Iowa Pilsner Glasses are out of the sales column at the hands of the ….Gophers ?!?! Well I’ll be a Viognier, The Minnesota Gophers Pilsner Glasses and Minnesota Gophers Wine Glasses are on SALE now !

Florida State is keeping their Florida State University Pilsner Glasses and Florida State University Wine Glasses on sale for you Seminole fans for a 3rd game in a row now. As for the other Florida team, the Gators..well sorry but  Georgia Bulldogs Martini Glasses , Georgia Bulldogs Wine Glasses and Georgia Bulldogs Pilsner Glasses will be on sale in your place.


Hokies Virginia Tech Martini Glasses  still on sale, Sorry Oregon State Fans, find a Discount.  University of Oregon Ducks Martini Glasses still on sale and the West Virginia Mountaineers Wine Glasses and West Virginia Mountaineers Pilsner Glasses bounce back on sale after last week being removed. Also bouncing back the Tarheels and their University of North Carolina Tarheels Pilsner Glasses and their University of North Carolina Tarheels Wine Glasses . Louisville Cardinals and their University of Louiseville Pilsner Glassesand University of Louiseville Wine Glasses remain on sale for a 2nd week.

With a 8th win Oklahoma State Cowboys Wine Glasses and Oklahoma State Cowboys Pilsner Glasses continue to be on sale.

I set my DVR this time and wouldn’t you know Stanford and USC go into overtime and I only catch the 1st 2 OT’s AHHH !!!  3 OT periods  Stanford University Pilsner Glasses and Stanford University Wine Glasses remain on sale and Stanford is now 8-0 .

What else is going on at Wine-Fi ? Looking at Wine-Fi’s New page we find a pair of Red Embroidered Cloth Napkins and a pair of Purple Embroidered Cloth Napkins. Really cool are the Napkin Rings made out of Wine Staves . I’ve searched the net and haven’t seen these out there other than at Wine-Fi. And there’s also sets of 4 Cloth Napkins Merlot and Vine Ridge Napkins for your dining needs. New corkscrew openers Chef and Cheese corkscrew opener and a Wine Maker Corkscrew opener, cute little guys ready to help to open your favorite bottle of Wine. Mentioning Wine if you’re looking for something different to try check out Wine-Fi’s Wine Connections/Wine by

For your Wine Party needs and thinking of keeping cleanup easy Wine-Fi has gathered together Wine Themed Paper Products, Paper Plates and Napkins.

Well until next week or sooner “Keep on Wine-Fi’ing” and be safe out there !

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