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Wine-Fi News and Musings

First hope you had a good and safe Thanksgiving. Speaking of safe, hope you also had a “SAFE” Black Friday. Jeez it getting crazy with pepper spraying and shootings !!!

Time for updates in regards to Collegiate Football and Team Glassware and other goings on at Wine-Fi.

For new readers here’s how it works at Wine-Fi. A pair of Collegiate Glasses ( Wine, Pilsner, Martini ) are priced at the everyday low price of $49.00. If your team wins, Wine-Fi will knock $4.00 off the set for an even lower price of $45.00. And there are additional saving to be found too. We have 10% discount codes listed is various Social Networking sites like our Facebook Page or we’ll have a discount code listed at Wine-Fi (hint, look Right ). And of course you can always e-mail us at and ask for a code. Remember, Your Team WINS , You WIN additional savings ! (all dependant on availability )

The Wildcats of Kentucky are back in the win and sales column with Kentucky Wildcat Wine Glasses after their win over Tennessee.

Speaking of Tennessee, the Vols Wine Glasses and Vols Pilsner Glasses have a new design dropping Smokey Dog. Do you agree with the design change ?

The Gamecocks and their  University of South Carolina Gamecock Pilsner Glasses continue to be on sale knocking off Clemson 34-13.  

Michigan Go Blue Pilsners Glasses and also new Michigan Go Blue Martini Glasses are on sale after the Wolverines knocked off Ohio State 40-34 in a Big Ten matchup.

Friday the Cornhuskers put their Nebraska Cornhuskers Pilsner Glasses and Nebraska Cornhuskers Wine Glasses back in Wine’Fi’s sale column by defeating Iowa 20-7. That win also knocked Iowa off the sales list, sorry Iowa fans. The Golden Eagles of Southern Miss got their  Southern Miss Golden Eagles Wine Glasses and Southern Miss Golden Eagles Pilsner Glasses back on sale also with a win over Memphis. 

The Mississippi State Bull Dogs put their  Mississippi State Bull Dogs Pilsner Glasses and Mississippi State Bull Dogs Wine Glasses are back on sale after a  2 game absence by beating Ole Miss 31-3. Oklahoma  Sooners Martini Glasses and  Oklahoma  Sooners Wine Glasses are back on sale  with a win over Iowa State.

Stanford is now 11-1 beating Notre Dame and  Stanford University Pilsner Glasses and Stanford University Wine Glasses are on sale. 

Georgia Bulldogs Martini Glasses, Georgia Bulldogs Wine Glasses and Georgia Bulldogs Pilsner Glasses are still on sale by knocking off the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 31-17 and taking them off the sales list. Hokies Virginia Tech Martini Glasses are on still on sale after Virginia’s Techs win over Virginia 38-0. By beating Maryland 56-41 The Wolfpack keep their North Carolina State Wolfpack Wine Glasses and North Carolina State Wolfpack Pilsner Glasses on sale.

The Oregon Ducks and their Oregon Ducks Martini Glasses are back on sale  by taking Oregon State off that sales list. The Ducks also took the Pac 12 North over Stanford with the win. 

For the 12th game in a row and solidifying their hold for a National Championship the LSU Tigers keep  Louisiana State University Pilsner Glasses and LSU Wine Glasses on sale winning over Arkansas ending their 7 game winning streak.

West Virginia Mountaineers Wine Glasses and West Virginia Mountaineers Pilsner Glasses remain on sale in a Big East game with Pittsburg winning 21-20. Purdue fans here’s another chance to get Purdue Boilermaker Wine Glasses and Purdue Boilermaker Pilsner Glasses on sale

Tarheels fans your chance for a sale on University of North Carolina Tarheels Pilsner Glasses and their University of North Carolina Tarheels Wine Glasses too.  Missouri Tigers Pilsner Glasses and Missouri Tigers Wine Glasses are still in stock and still on sale after beating Kansas.

Big Ten matchup between Wisconsin and Penn State  Badgers Pilsner Glasses and Badgers Wine Glasses stay on sale with a Badgers 45-7 thumping on Penn. Another with the Gophers and Illinois…….ahh just like a real Gopher you see them , you don’t, you see them, you don’t, you see them ON SALE this week with  Minnesota Gophers Pilsner Glasses and Minnesota Gophers Wine Glasses.

The Crimson Tide keep their title hopes alive beating Auburn and keeping their  Alabama Martini Glasses and Alabama Pilsner Glasses on sale. And finally University of Louisville Pilsner Glasses and University of Louisville Wine Glasses remain on sale with a win over South Florida.

Idle so still on sale:

 Kansas State Wildcats Pilsners 

There are some good wine deals to be had on Cyber Monday so check out Wine-Fi’s “Clearance and Sales” page. Speaking of Wine, there are changes happing on Wine-Fi’s “Wines” page, it’s a work in progress so check it out ever so often.

There’s only 27 more days till Christmas. Get your Wine Themed Christmas items now before it’s too late.  

That’s it for the moment, “Keep On Wine-Fi’ing” and be safe out there.

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