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Wine-Fi News and Musings
Wow last post was in May guess I really lost track of time. So let's catch up quickly.

Awhile back I had prepped some wine staves for coat/hat racks (horizontal). Per standards studs are 16 inches center to center so my mounting holes should be 32 inches center to center. No problem I’ve made several of these over the years. Well for some weird reason I spaced out and measured with the bend of the stave …..I was an inch off, nuts! So those two staves sat till they told me what they wanted to be.  Couple months later I was enjoying the day, good wine good music hanging with my dogs, then I had a thought ! Why does the coat/hat rack have to be horizontal? Why couldn’t it be “vertical” ? Wouldn’t matter then if mounting holes were off an inch or not, GENIUS !!!!  All excited I grabbed a stave and got to work. It turned out great and it’d make use of normally dead space near front entrances like my home that have a narrow space between the front door and wall. A little later that day I heard two little voices, “Hey Boss, when are going to make us into those vertical coat/hats rack?” …… I grabbed prepped staves from a wrong pile! 
You’ve seen the W I N O bottle stoppers cut out of a wine stave. Thinking about it, maybe not everyone would want to be classified as a wino. So how about we just class it up a little for a classy V I N O Bottle Stopper Set?
We’ve partnered up with a vendor who specializes in mini oak barrels. We’ve a web page, Oak Barrel Fun show casing many of their items, Dog Collars, Bootleg Kits (make your own Spirits !), custom quarter barrel signs and more. Hope you browse around.

We hope to post soon “Wine Bottle Candle Holders” and “Wine Bottle Lights” so stay tuned for those.

That should hold over for the moment. So till next time and hopefully sooner than last time, Keep on Wine-Fi’ing and be safe out there!
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