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Wine-Fi News and Musings
The seasons are a changing, days are shorter weather is cooler and the Harvest is done at Red Feather Winery. Most of the Cab grapes were shipped off to Napa (yes that Napa Valley).  To celebrate the harvest and have a little fun Red Feather held their annual Grape Picking/Grape Stomping Party, a great time had by all.  Why all the love sent Red Feather’s way? Well I got asked to put in time in the Tasting Room, create a new web site  for them (got to get their domain name squared away still) and just be my normal all around hand. It’s work, but it’s fun too !

As for Wine-Fi, it’s still chugging ..rather sipping along. Last post I mentioned upcoming releases of “Hanging Wine Bottle Candle Holders” and “Wine Bottle Pendant Lights”. I have a limited supply and they’re ready to go!

“Hanging Wine Bottle Candle Holders” – They’re a play on what else is out there. BUT, with a twist and a lot of untwisting. Sticking to re-purposing instead of using store bought wire for the hanger parts like many I figured Champagne Cages could work just as well and they did! Yes there was a lot of “Twist and Shout” (ouch!). Adding some etching to the bottles gives them that little extra originality. Plain bottles are well boring. I’d say they came out really cool!

“Wine Bottle Pendant Lights” – Another instance of seeing what others were doing and figuring they look a little funky I think I can do better. Switching out to candelabra light sockets give them a sleeker look I feel and adding the etching to the bottles, you know where I stand on that. I will admit on the Brown Bottle Pendant Lights I left it as is so I could use the Amber Light Bulbs I had.   Wish the pictures did these lights more justice though.
I myself really like how the Blue Bottles came out whether they be the Candle version or Pendant Lights . The tough part is finding Blue Bottles. Thank goodness for non-brand named grocery stores and their variety of Rieslings. Now to empty those bottles, rough job but someone has to do it! Bonus points for being needed “Material”, should be a Tax write off somewhere.

What else is going on? Any fans of comedian Bill Engvall and his skits “Here’s Your Sign”? Well Wine Lovers we have signs too with witty Wine sayings  here's your sign !
With all the changes Google keeps making I’ll say we’re getting lost in the shuffle and it doesn’t help when google doesn’t know the difference between “Wine-Fi” the wine accessory site and “Wine-Fi” the song. They’re making it tough, so I need a little ole’ fashion help via word of mouth. Hope you’ll help and here’s a little info you can pass on:

WF1001 – 10% discount off most in-house items, discount code WF1001 never expires, share it with family and friends. Share it with strangers over a glass of your favorite grapey goodness !

Pricing on Wine-Fi – most items, what you see includes shipping already to the U.S.A.
There are new ideas and twists to existing ideas always in the works.  Keeping tabs every now and then on our “New” page would be best. I wouldn’t want our News Letters to get lost in the e-mail bombardment we all encounter.

So, as always “Keep on Wine-Fi’ing” and be safe out there! 
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