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Wine-Fi News and Musings
Working a few different ideas for a wine chime. Did see some made from a stave and barrel hoops, cool looking but I'd think you'd need a Typhoon to get those a clanging. Wife suggested cutting different size sections from a wine bottle, I don't know sounds like a disaster waiting to happen and I have seen pictures...looks like a disater waiting to happen. In the mean time I've got 2 different proto types where's the breeze when you need one ?
Was at a surprise birthday party last night for my good friend Nate. Good munchies, food and Wine. The Atigal Malbac 2009 bottle caught my eye and oh yes it came home with me, it's a FP (Future Project).

And while Nate and I were talking about he mentioned Incense Holders he'd seen made from Wine Bottles , gave me the low down on them. I just need to refine it , a little re-engineering..ya I've an idea or 2. 

And before I forget do have new "Made From Wine Barrels" products... Let's start with a Half Barrel Head Wall Mount Bottle Holder, Blacken V I N O  and Natural V I N O .

What do you think ? Letters V I N O were cut from a Wine Stave, Barrel Hoops holding your bottle of Wine and for sure my heavy duty mounting system made from a barrel hoop. of course.

Other thoughts, does any one ever see the discount codes I list on the right side of the pages here ? Where could I place a discount code that will catch your attention?

If you're out Wine-Fi'ing on Facebook stop by my fan page , give me a like and say hello. It's another avenue to see what I'm up to.

Till next time, "Keep on Wine-Fi'ing and be SAFE out there !
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