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Wine-Fi News and Musings
Jeez Social Networking can get out of hand. So yesterday I’m reading an article about the Chinese Wine Market on Facebook by . I get to browsing around their “About” Facebook page, Contact Info click  their web links and come across, if I’m correct,  the old Networking Network “Ning”. Funny thing I just happen to have an account with WineGlobe there from quite awhile ago.

We send men to the Moon, come up with Synthetic Corks, Twist off Wine Bottle Caps, Glass Cork Stoppers and we’re just now getting around to Twist Off Corks ?

Changed up and added a few new pages, I’m sure to google’s displeasure.

Wine Barrel Furniture page has been renamed to “Made from Wine Barrels”. And would you believe Made from Wine Barrels was available as a domain name. Guess who owns and what page it’s pointing to.

Supposedly per research, music can enhance you wine tasting. So next time you have a Cab tasting a little iffy blast some Jimi Hendrix for a whole new “Experience” !
More to the article can be read here.

Well let’s keep it short. Keep on Wine-Fi’ing and be Safe out there !
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