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Wine-Fi News and Musings
Been doing a catching up on Wine Bottle projects. Cleaning of labels, cutting and sanding. I must have had about 15 cases maybe more at the begining, gave up counting. Currently do have 2 cases ready for decoupaging another 2 cases for etching. But still have more than 3 cases for sanding and that doesn't included those waiting to be cut, whaaa !

That reminds me I got to get with friends from Red Feather Winery and Fortino Winery and see if they can save me some Champagne/Sparkling cage wire. I'm going to need a whole bunch and might as well do it soon before the calluses on my hands and fingers go away from straightening all the wire out (that's always alot of fun).  

Speaking of Champagne/Sparkling have you read articles about their health benefits, more specically how it can help boost Brain Power ? Check out an article here about that. But of course consumption would have to be moderate because we do know what too much does. You're dancing on the tables in a youtube moment, wake up the next day with brain damage and ask "What happened?".

Well all those bottles are still waiting for me so I better get to it.

Be safe out there and "Keep On Wine-Fi'ing" !  
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