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Wine-Fi News and Musings
Ya ya I know "Wow 2 blog posts in 3 weeks!", Well it's a habit I had better be more frequent about. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite Vino and let's see what's up !

So, last month was about Wine Bottles, Wine Bottles and more Wine Bottles, (I still have a bunch of wine Bottles in process) , but I've also some completed projects "Wine Chimes" aka as Wind Chimes. Sticking to repurposing as much as possible still using Champagne/Sparkling cages as much as possible, Wine Bottles of course ( a few I had to empty they were good) and Wine Barrel Hoops on a good 99%. Barrel Hoops just are not big enough to be ummmm "Tingers" (for lack of a better term) in 1.5 liter bottles, but I've a few Wine Barrel Staves that solved that.  

I've a few of these Wine Chimes listed and more to come. They'll be sold as Singles & Pairs shipping included to the lower 48 States. I thought I'd start listing the humorus versions first so here they are ! Oh ya, they're on the "Garden, Patio, Furniture and Decor" page.

"Chardonnay, Merlot and a Little Zin...Forget going out, it's Girls' Night In"
"Funny - after a few glasses of wine, I look like hell but the rest of you look better and better."

"One more glass of wine and I am gonna do the Chicken Dance."
                                                                                   Wine Chime Wine Bottle

As mentioned thought I'd start listing the humorus versions first, so what do you think so far ? Still to list are a "Flower Power" theme, "Jazz" and it turned out better than I thought, a "Purple Floral" design, some Grape Themed designs, my San Jose SHARKS and many more various themes.  

Oh a big "THANK YOU !!!!" to Connie and Dan of Red Feather Winery and Bertha of Fortino Winery for Champagne/Sparkling cages. 

In other news, last weekend poured with Red Feather Winery at Yelp's Summer Sip-Nic at Rock Wall Wine Co. So the event was located in an old Hanger at Alameda that Rock Wall Wine Co. uses, talk about SPACE ! With the hanger doors open we had a great view of San Francisco & the Golden Gate arcoss the bay. There was probably around 1000 plus Yelpers there and all seemed to have a good time as did we. Interestingly while wandering around I found that the Food lines were way shorter than the Beer and Wine lines, I guess one could say that was a bonus.

                                                                                                        See what I mean.

We did get to sample food though before all those Yelpers got there so it's not like we missed out.

That Incense Holder I was talking about back in April, finally got that just about done.
                                                                               Wine Bottle Incense Holder

Pretty cool if I do say so myself. The collar there holding the incense is from a wine barrel stave I had cut out and added the Grape Charm for a little something something, otherwise it was kinda boring. I just need to make the holes a little bigger which I'll work on later today and then she'll be good to go .....I hope !

Well that's it for now so I hope you "Keep On Wine-Fi'ing" and as always be safe out there !


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