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Wine-Fi News and Musings
Well we picked up a 6 needle embroidery machine last night and my wife is all kinds of excited, oh the things she could do with it, T Shirts, Towels, Robes, Napkins etc. etc. etc. OH BOY !!! 

That's cool, her single needle machine would give her fits at times. I'm sure she'll do custom designs too.

So don't change that "Wine-Fi" Channel and stay tuned for new Wine and Grape embroidered Apparel in all kinds of shapes and sizes !

Meanwhile back in the garden gave my good friend Valentina (author of 
Southern Italian cuisines cookbooks "Come Mia Nonna - A Return to Simplicity" and "Sins of a Queen"  ) one of our "Vineyard Grapes" wind chimes. Looks pretty good in her garden just hanging around waiting for a breeze.

Well I've stuff to do so till later "Keep on Wine-Fi'ing" and be safe.

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