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Wine-Fi News and Musings
I've been wondering how some of the "Other Guys" are cutting off wine bottle bottoms. The cuts and finished product to me look ummm "funky" but they must be pumping them out big time and I guess they're selling. So I experimented a new process to cut Wine Bottles over the weekend using a tile saw. It actually worked, more kinda than sorta but the edge looked really crappy compared to how I normally do it. Time wise it may have been a little faster but they'll need a lot of further grinding than what I normally have to do. Think I'll pass then doing that on regular bottles, but will keep it in mind for thicker and odd shaped bottles.

Gave my friend Nate his Incense Holder Saturday night (was his idea kinda sorta) and I was happy to see it (the Incense Holder) liked him. The incense actually burnt all the way, it never did for me.


Now to find other "Cool" bottles !

Stuff to do got to go, as always "Keep on Wine-Fi'ing" and be safe out there !

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