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Wine-Fi News and Musings
Got a little busy the end of last year working on custom orders, dreaming up new ideas and working them. So let's review a few of them.

One customer liked my 2 Bottle Wall Mount w/Bung Hole Display but asked if it could accommodate a Bottle Stopper . Oh ya and can you make Bottle Stopper Letters ? Emmmmm, sure why not !

The Wall Mount w/Bottle Stopper option was kinda fun dreaming up and came out rather well .

You know now that I'm thinking of it, I've got to get this listed here on Wine-Fi, oops ! Oh well it's out there though just do a search for " Wall Mount w/Bottle Stopper option ". Besides you'd probably have a better chance at finding it on other platforms I'm involved in. Seems Google hates this web site and if I don't hand over my credit card, bank account and first born they're going to ignore in searches. Ok time to stop crying over my spilt Wine !

Where was I, oh ya special orders ...... ya so my VINO Bottle Stoppers were appreciated but the question was, "Can you make other letters ? ".  Sure why not !

Playing with the Alphabet - Man some letters are a pain in your Viognier ! G and Q are going to be interesting and my first U (with little tail) didn't come out so good. I whacked that tail yesterday.  Completed Bottle Stopper Letters so far are AB, two versions of C regular and Wine Stained C , two versions of I , J, K, L, N's and O's are no problem (already doing those), P, R, S is a challenge but doable, U mentioned that just got to finalized it, V's are fine and Z's . These would make a great unique gift for Wine Lovers. The letters could be their first initial of beginning letter of their last name or even the first letter of their favorite grape varietal. Bottle stopper letters from wine barrels, HOW COOL IS THAT ! Remember Valentines is right around the corner .

Well, I'll end this for now have projects to finish and ideas to play with.

Keep on Wine-Fi'ing and be SAFE out there!

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