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Wine-Fi News and Musings
Where have you been? Slacking on this blog that's for sure. Otherwise been kinda busy.

Daughter #1 had a baby girl back in March and I've been hanging out in the mornings with the 2yr grandson. That is fun but doesn't much time in the day to do other things.

Where have you been?  April 5th I was invited to WASTED presented by The Cannery, Noise Furniture & Eco Monster . Had a good time, met other artist and listened to good music, showed off some of my wares.

Where have you been? How about where I'm at as of May 1st ! Got me a "Wine-Fi Super Store".........ok fine have a booth at Cottage Crafts Boutique . An opportunity for people to get that touchy feely with my wares. That's a pretty snazzy "Wine-Fi" sign too ! And after making that sign I have other ideas, just need the time.

Where have you been? How about where I'll be at ? That "Wasted" event lead into a recommendation for .....

How cool is that ! So 3 of our Decoupage Candle Pendants were requested , "Flower Power", "Ciao Italia" and "Eat Drink be Merry". I'm pretty jazzed !

Well that's it for now got things to do so as always ....... Keep on Wine-Fi'ing and be SAFE out there!

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