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Wine-Fi News and Musings
"8 Years and still here !", Actually that had totally slipped my mind till a couple friends mentioned it. Guess I've just been to distracted to notice, baby sitting Grand Kids 3 days a week, working on new projects here and there, picture taking and editing, product posting, running other e-commerce sites and trying to keep up with social media. Everything is kind of a blur. I skimmed through my news letter/blog archives just for a personal reminder of these past 8 years. There were a lot of good times, events and cool products and disappoints through the years. 

So what's new recently ? I changed a few pages around, added some new signs made from wine barrel staves for example :

Tiki Bar with a Lucky Tiki
Wine O'Clock with a real clock

Napa Valley

And while I was on a roll I figured family and friends might like something this past Christmas. Which brings me to, if you'd like a custom sign send me an email with your request and I'll respond with a quote.
Doing these signs, I figured if I could cut out letters I could probably cut out Wine Bottles and Glasses from a wine stave too. I figured right ! The wine bottles and glasses really do add character to my signs. Oh ya I did cut out some Hearts too from wine staves, just haven't incoporated them into a sign yet....but read on.

So what else is possible with these little wine bottles, glasses and hearts cut from wine barrel staves ? How about Key Chains !  (more to come)


And having such good friends ........ well goes something like this, "That Heart is cute, can you cut them smaller for Earrings?" , "Ya, I want Cats!" , "I want Dogs!"......Seriously !!! Oh well what are friends for. I've cut 4 sets of Hearts and I can still count to 20 and that's a good thing....that I can still count to 20 !

The last thing I've been doing is making my own Wine Charms, those beads are going to make me go blind !! It was suppose to be the wife's projects but .......They've come pretty good really. I really didn't start with Wine Charms everybody does them. I wanted to be different so before tackling that how would I be different ? Searching the net I noticed wine charms bundled with beaded bottle rings, metal rings etc. Well I do have a bunch of dounuts in my "Wonder Bin" from when I was cutting out holes in wine staves for my Candle Holders, what if ? 
Eh eh , I like it ! And for other Charms I had gotten from a supplier, well let's spruce them up a bit too !

I took a  bunch of my Charms and Holder to Cottage Craft Boutique where I have a booth. To display them I needed a some kind of display stand, a Wine Bottle would be just too big taking up self spacing, but if I cut the tops off of Wine Bottles well there you have it!  That lead to another idea thanks to an inquiring Customer, "Does the Bottle Top come with the Charm Set?"........ "Sure !" . Have to admit I'm different now, a Charm Holder cut from Wine Barrel Staves and a Wine Bottle Top as the Display. 

So what's instore for the next 8 years? Guess you'll have to keep on Wine-Fi'ing to find out. 
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