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Wine-Fi News and Musings
What did I do ?
Well, I used paint on not one Wine Barrel project but two ! And this is, "So far". For the past several years the only coloring I was doing was either the Natural color of the oak barrel I was working with or soaking pieces in Red Wine Lees for a darker color. And recently discovered Toasting (aka Fire) to burn some pieces black. Funny thing about Toasting is I'd been working with barrels that well let's say were pretty toasty inside from the Cooper, it never occured to me I could do it too.

Back to paint. Several months ago I contacted my good friend Valentina of "Valentina Interiors & Designs" asking her thoughts of painting some of my projects. She felt that most people would prefer the authentic/rustic look of my work but she also didn't rule out painting thinking that there could be a new niche to be found. I still haven't gone full steam ahead on that yet but ........

Flash forward to a couple weeks ago delivering a Wind Chime and pair of Earrings made from Oak Chips used in Red Wine we got to talking about barrel ideas, signs etc. They wanted a custom sign but just weren't sure what it read or feature. A couple days or so past and I got a message from them, they wanted a Halloween sign that incorporated thier love for Wine too. These are very long time friends who are really big on Halloween and we've celebated Halloween at their place for a gazzilion years now ! They gave thier idea of something that said "We love Hallo-Wine", with a mini pumpkin as the dot over the "i" and love could be a heart instead. YIKES ! A mini pumpkin, had to say, "Sorry guys but all my lettering is capitalized but let me work your idea.".

I went with the Heart instead of the word love to save space, a Pumpkin in the place of "o" in HALLO and a Wine Bottle in place of the letter "i" in the word WINE", so far so good but ..... Toasting was still in the plan but I needed another color on some of these pieces. A Black Heart ? Could've worked. A Black Pumpkin? Maybe not. So paint.

What do you think so far ?

Pretty cool, painting the Heart, Pumpkin and Wine Bottle really added, but still a little plain. I was talking about it on Facebook in a total round about way not mentioning my thoughts that my daughter and I had discussed the night before but being the Halloween Fan my friend Kathy is she read my mind, (or has Drones flying around my house or something), "Dripping Blood!". I'm still working on that drip drip part !

Stay tuned to this Wine-Fi Channel and good thing I still have a little time to finish this up !

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