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Wine-Fi News and Musings
It's been over a year since my last post .....Oops! I never really figured anyone read my posts till a recent customer asked if I was still in business. I have no plans of going anywhere anytime soon . So what have I been up to? Well let's catch up , now where did I leave off ...oh ya !  "We love Hallowine" ....did get it done and my friends Kathy and Ron loved it !!! Blood is GOOD they said LOL Those 2 crack me up true Halloween Lovers.


That went over so well they wanted ghost next , oh and one drink wine....say what ? Let me work on it .  After some inspiration from here and there I came up with "The Spook" and "RIPPED" .

Ole Ripped turned out to be GREAT and I embellished on that with more versions. He even has a friend "Wasted Mea". I hope to get those posted on the Halloween page soon.

I've made some new Wine Signs out of wine staves .......

"The Enchantress", (that's what I call my youngest grand daughter, she's 2), saw one of my signs and liked it. So I made her one. I hope to give it to her today.

And of course I wouldn't forget "The Wizard" her older brother, (he's 4). When I talked to him about his sign I asked if wanted a little platform for 2 Hot Wheels or a long platform for a bunch of Hot Wheels, guess which option he chose..................oh ya those are my cars , he's got a bunch he can use.

Here's a few Full Barrel Head signs I did this past year , 1 for my friends at Medeiros Family Wines and the other for Son #1 and favorite Daughter in Law #1.

And one for some other friends of mine ...... On the Ridge Runner Wares I did just the Wood work. On Mead Maker I used some sheet metal to simulate the barrel hoops and used Wine Foil on the glas and bottle to simulate that liquid gold "Mead". Pretty good ideas if I say so myself.

Oh ya, remember my friends who wanted the Hallowine and Ghosts? Well Kathy decided she wanted a Flying Pig next .......Oy !!! 

His name is "Floyd", he's a Pink "Floyd".

So, ya I've been kinda busy still and definately still in business.  If you've a custom need send me an e-mail, , let's see what we can do.

Till laters, hopefully sooner than a year, Keep on Wine-Fi'ing and be safe out there !

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