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Wine-Fi Chalk Barrel Head

Wine-Fi Chalk Barrel Head

Wine-Fi Chalk Barrel Head
Wine-Fi Chalk Barrel HeadWine-Fi Chalk Barrel Head (Stand Option)
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Wine-Fi Chalk Barrel Head

Here's my version of a Chalk Board with a major twist. It's a real Barrel Head ! Not some form of plywood/pressed wood/whatever wood as the backing but a REAL BARREL HEAD ! Isn't that the point of recycling, repurposing, going Green, saving the environment etc. ?

Great way to communicate your message to customers or family. More fun than a regular ole' chalk board !

Q. It's Rustic looking.   A. Well yes it is. It has been through a few Harvests and it is a Real Barrel Head that served a purpose for a number of years.

Q. There are cracks/spaces in the face !   A. You're right and as wood dehydrates this can happen. Oh, did I mention it's Rustic Looking and a Real Barrel Head that's quite a few years old ? 

Q. What are those metal things on the back and where did they come from ?  A. The brace and hanger are actually cut from Barrel Hoops taken off Wine Barrels. It's a repurposing thing, use as much from a Wine Barrel as possible. Takes a bit to be creative but once in awhile I have a moment ;-) 

Q. How did you make it ...chalky ?  A. Actually had to use Krylon Chalkboard spray. 

Q. I thought you said you repurposed everything ? A.  Some things you just can't repurpose, here have a Glass of Wine.

Q. Are the Screws/Bolts repurposed too ?  A. (Sigh) Fine then, here's the Bottle !

That's a pretty cool Chalk Barrel Head.   Thanks, and hey fill me up too and I'll tell you about my Barrel Head Clocks.

You make Clocks ?!?!  Ya, that's another Bottle of Wine if you have the "Time" ! 

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