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Southern Italian cuisines by Valentina Cirasola

Valentina was born in Bari, Italy to a family of artists, designers and food connoisseurs. Growing up, Valentina was only allowed to watch the cooking happening around her, but not practice it! She wanted to imitate the adults, but did not get the opportunity until she moved away and started to cook for herself out of necessity. Then, as if by miracle, it was as if all those years watching, eating and tasting translated to doing. She recalled the perfection how every dish was supposed to look and taste. Watching her family and eating good food every day, gave her the expertise of a professional chef.

Today, living in America, Valentina teaches cooking from her Region of Puglia, spreading lightheartedness and joy, while passing her notions of good life and health through good eating. In her words:

"Puglia's food will keep you young longer than you want to".

Italian regional cookbook: "Come Mia Nonna A Return To Simplicity"
Valentina's first book "Come Mia Nonna - A Return To Simplicity" is for people who have never cooked, people who are afraid of cooking, beginners and those who don't have time to cook. This book is a proof that anyone can put together an excellent and healthy meal in thirty minutes and without spending a load of money. This book will allow you to entertain with delicious food and save you money.
Sins Of A Queen: Italian Appetizers and Desserts
Valentina's second book "Sins Of A Queen" on appetizers and sweets, some from the region of Puglia and some from other regions in Italy. Her sweets are mostly made from fruit, therefore very healthy and not loaded with process sugar. The appetizers are just a delight, which can be turned also into small portion meals. In her word: "Life is too short, eat the dessert first".

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