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Wine Design Tile Necklaces

Women's wine necklaces designed on Scrabble and Mahjong Tiles.

It started with a bag of plastic Mahjong tiles, then there was the collection of vintage postage stamps. And now, an ever-changing assortment of fun, funky pendant necklaces, each made by hand, using reclaimed game pieces - Scrabble tiles and Mahjong.

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Chardonnay on Mahjong TileChardonnay on Mahjong Tile
Chardonnay on Scrabble TileChardonnay on Scrabble Tile
Merlot on Mahjong TileMerlot on Mahjong Tile
Merlot on Scrabble TileMerlot on Scrabble Tile
Red Wine on Scrabble TileRed Wine on Scrabble Tile

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