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Nov 23rd 2010 - As mentioned on the 8th we've many new Collegiate Wine, Pilsner and Martini glasses. We've 14 of AP's Top 25 Collegiate Football Teams , to name a few University of Oregon, Auburn University, Stanford, University of Wisconsin and Ohio State check them out above and here .

From our partners around the web and brought here for easy finding we've found Clocks with various Wine & Grape designs , Stove Burner Covers with Wine & Grape designs , Switch and Outlet Covers with you gussed it Wine & Grape designs . 

Gift Baskets still make great gifts during the Holidays, a little something for everyone.

It's getting a little chilly and that Fire Place is going to be used. Is your insert Wine themed ?

And finally if your having friends over consider a few Wine Games and Puzzles for entertainment with that glass of Wine.

Nov 8th 2010 - The Holidays are coming up fast, so much to do and so little time.  So with that in mind what's new here at Wine-Fi and what are favorite items.

New  - "Wine Tasting & Grape Lovers Jewelry" by self taught artist and designer Kim Souza of central California. Designing jewelry since 2005 Kim spares no expense to get the best stones, pendants and supplies for her pieces.

New - Many new Collegiate Wine , Pilsner and Martini Glasses by Alice Allred have been added to the line up this year. To name a few - Ohio State Buckeyes Leaf designed glasses, Stanford University Glasses, University of Wisconsin Glasses and many more. These already  have great pricing at $45.00 a set but you can save an additional 10% using discount code  Collegiate10  .

New - The IL Decantino bundle with it's own Display and Drying Stand. If you've a IL Decantino already the Display and Drying Stand are available separately and they will work with Versovino's and any other similar decantors.

New - Bottle Stopper Displays. Wait a minute you may be thinking, you've been doing a 9 Bottle Stopper Display for the past year and half. This is true nut I thought I'd expand or rather contract on the idea. Not everyone has 9 Bottle Stoppers laying around in their kitchen or cellar drawers, hence Single Bottle Stopper Display, Display for 3 Bottle Stoppers and 4 Bottle Stoppers . These are made from retired Wine Barrels with a twist being using Corks as Feet. And of coarse they will accommodate Solid or Cork based Stoppers. I've also bundled some Wine Bottle Stoppers with the Display stands, you can see them here.

Speaking of Bottle Stopper Displays, the 9 Bottle Stopper Display is still a favorite. While we're on the favorite subject mens Napa and Sonoma Trail Camp Shirts are tried and true and new for this Holiday Season Sierra Foothills Trail Camp Shirts . For you men who'd rather not be specific to a region  we've Vertical Vines and Tropical Wine shirts.

In need of some Stocking Stuffer ideas ? How about Wine inspired Key Rings and Chains , for the ladies Grape Cluster Earrings Necklaces Itailian Wine Charms, Wine Glass Charms and of coarse Bottle Stoppers .

A few other gift ideas can be found on our Sales Page.

For your Christmas decoration needs our Christams Page is loaded with Ornaments, Holiday inspired Wine Glass Toppers and Spoon Rests, Bottle Stoppers and Coasters.

And if you use discount code WF1001 you get 10% of our in-house items, see About Us for a list of SKU's.

Aug. 30th 2010 - Been awhile since a last update here but that doesn't mean it's been stagnant here at Wine-Fi. 

So lets start with a Labor Day 2010 Sale 15% off in-house items NOW through September 11th 2010 use code LD2010 at Checkout ! see "About Us" for a list of in-house SKU's (Sale does not apply to already marked down products).

So what's new since? Well we've expanded on our "Bottle Stopper Display Stand" idea. Or rather is it contracted... Single, 3 Stopper & 4 Stopper displays are now available, check them out here. We've even bundled them with Bottle stoppers adding even more value to your overall purchase.

Our "Red Wine Sauce" is a real big hit..over on our E-Bay site! Check it out here on Wine-Fi. We've bundled the Wine Sauces with Sea Salts and whole Peppercorns too. You know the White Wine Sauce is rather good too with Pork and Chicken, it's a favorite here. Both are pre-made and ready to add to your dishes, you don't need to know how to make a red or white wine sauce when it's ready to go!

"Peace" and "Flower Power" fun combos

The "Galleria" glassware collection has been a hit this summer and pickings are getting slim but they're still marked down to move to your grove.

Speaking of Glassware .."Back to School"..."Collegiate" Glassware is still available at sale prices and it's that time of year for FOOTBALL! Wine and Dine your Alumni guest in style. Or if it's "just" good ole' friends ensure they have a nice head in their Pilsner glasses during commercials.

IL Decantino Versovino decantor Displays haven't been forgotten here. We've come up with Display Stands for both made from retired Wine Barrels and their Staves. Where else would you display your IL Decantino or Versovino decantor when it's not on top of a Wine Bottle? Why hide it in a box in a drawer? Display it, a IL Decantino or Versovino is a piece of Italian Art in itself. (displays may also work with Centellino but they never got back to me, bummer). BTW that bottle of "Red Feather Vineyard's -2007 Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon" pictured with the IL Decantino is the Silver Medal Winner at this years 2010 California State Fair Wine Competion ! GOLD IMHO my fav Cab.... better than the Hot, Oaked Cabs in Napa by a long shot.

With Wine you need good music and "Big Rain" is still my only favorite Alternative Country group.

This past July everyone was advertising "Christmas in July" sales, jeez what about Halloween?

Christmas yes that's covered too. Maybe this Labor Day Sale will cover some early Christmas shopping.

Well we're waiting for that call to help with Harvest here in NorCal, weather has been "funny" so in the mean time "Keep on Wine-Fi'ing" where you are and be safe out there.

June 5th 2010 - Hosting a Wine Tasting or Wine Party ? All Collegiate Glassware and The Galleria Stemware Collection is on SALE ! University of Alabama, Texas A & M, LSU, Ohio State just to list a few Collegiate Glasses available. They make great gifts for Alumni too! The Galleria Collection is Mouth Blown and Hand Painted  with either Gold or Platinum accents, stunning with a touch of Class. Serving Cheeses with your Wine ? We've a nice selection of Cheese Servers and Cutting Boards and for a limited time get 1 FREE Looney Tune Cheese Pin Bugs Bunny, Taz, Tweety Bird or Sylvester of your choice, just make a note of it in your order under "Customer Notes".

Make an impression serving Hors d'oeuvres/Appetizers with our Serving Staves made from retired Wine Barrels. These are Food Safe using a non-toxic finish and lightly coated with a Bees Wax for easy  cleaning, just wipe with a clean cloth.

As usual keeping it short, "Keep on Wine-Fi'ing" and be safe !

May 21st 2010 - Wine weather is pretty much in full swing with Spring here in Northern Hemisphere. I'm getting all kinds of newsletters from Wineries of upcoming events and festivals. Wouldn't you look a little "Festive" in Winery print ? Men & Women's Wine Apparel never goes out of style. Neither does Jewelry, we've a wide selection of Wine related jewelry from Pewter & Glass Grape Cluster Earrings to Pins/Brooches and Necklaces. The selection keeps growing too! Did I forget to mention Itailian Wine Charms are now here?  .
For you Techies & Computer Geeks out there Wine Management Software can help keep track of all those Wines you have and will pruchase.
Due to overwhelming demand Collegiate Wine & Pilsner Glasses are now back. We had to discontinue them for a bit because our Supplier just couldn't keep up but everything is pretty well stocked and ready to go. Get'em while you can because they're moving fast, again! And of coarse "The Galleria Collection" of glassware are colorful summer wine glasses. BTW we are one of the very very few to carry "BohemiaArts" hand blown stemware from the Czech Republic.
So keeping it short as usual, "Keep on Wine-Fi'ing" and be safe!


April 30th 2010 - April has been another great month here at thanks to our customers and visitors, that's YOU ! A lot of new items have been added this past month. We're creating our own Wine Related Jewelry , brought in a few designs from Madison Designs Jewelry & added Italian Wine Charms & Bracelets. All would make great gifts for Mother's Day coming up. Have a large Wine Collection ? Loosing track of what you have ? We've got you covered with The Uncorked Cellar ® Wine Cellar Management Software, read more here.  Red Feather Winery Fans check out the Bling ! Red Feather Earrings, really Red Feathers and Macaw Earrings representing Seth & Hockey who tend to hang out in the Tasting Room. Hope to add Logo wear soon.  

Six new lines of Glasswear by Wine Things have been add "Grapes" ( my favorite design) and the "Galleria Collections" , all sold in sets of six. And many more that I thought may be of interest. 

Future Brides & Grooms many new Wedding favors have been added check them out here.  

The weather is changing for the better and Wine Tasting Rooms are going to be busy. Stand out from the crowd in Men's Wine Camp Shirts & Ladies Wine Apparel by Wine-Fi and Rhinestone Wine Apparel .  

We could go on and on whith what's available here but we're sure you'll want to get to some browsing, so with that in mind "Keep on Wine-Fi'ing" and be Safe out there! 


Mar 28th 2010 -  Well next month will be our 3 year Anniversary here at Wine-Fi thanks to you and other Wine Lovers. This past year we've expanded in making items out of retired Wine Barrels and Embroidery of Ladies & Mens shirts. Actually the mens shirts were for a Mens Dodgeball Team Sponsered by Red Feather Winery in Livermore, Ca. and they came out rather nice. 

Other big product news is the IL Decantino replacing the Versovino decantor, same great concept just improved. Stainless Steel Penguins are phased out, Clears are being phased out but the Original will be retained. Too many new items to list but you can be sure if it's Wine related or has a grape design I'm adding it. 

So to celebrate our 3 year Anniversary let's have a sale of in-house items now through April with 20% off using code 3YR20 on in-house items with the following SKU's 

WWP-*, WT-*, WSD-*, WS-*, WF-*, WBI-*, TSG-*, TS-*, SR-*, SLV-*, SBDS-*, PW-*, PT-*, PJ-*, PG-*, MWW-*, MW-*, MTG-*, MP-*, KD-*, KC-*, KA-*, HKC-*, HK-*, HBH-*, GR-*, GP-*, EP-*, DC-*, CLFC-*, CH-*, CG-*, CC-*, CA-*, BW-*, BU-*, BF-*, BA-*, A1A-*  


Dec. 30th - First we'd like to thank all our customers and visitors for making our 2009 a pretty good year, really! We/I know it's been a sucky economy but we did better than last year. So again thank you !!!  Also want to thank those of you who took advantage of our 5% discount and our match of to Cystic Fibrosis Reseach and the Golden State 76er's Wheelchair Basketball Association. Our match went out yesterday to these fine organizations and hopefully every little bit will help. We'll be looking into some new Charities and Foundations for the 2010 year so keep and eye out for the Discount page to be posted again. In closing hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas and hope you have a Happy New Year. Be safe out there and keep on Wine-Fi'ing!  


Dec. 16th - A breif message here. First hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New. We've been recieving a few calls and e-mails regarding shipping. All in-house items here ship US Priority Mail with a 2-3 day delivery time frame, wheather permitting I'm sure. Sku's that apply are BW-*, DC-*, GP-*, MP-*, WT-*, SLV-*, MW-*, CA-*, TS-*, WPM-*, TSFC-*,PT-*, CC-*, CLFC-*, TSG-*, WWP-*, KC-*, KT-*, WF-*, SBDS-*, EP-*, KD-*, KA-*, GR-*, HKC-*, BF-*, BU-*, MWW-* , CG-* and BA-* . The 19th is most likey a cut off date for delivery before Christmas the 24th. We'd like to thank all of you for visiting this holiday season and wish you all the best.     


Nov 3rd - Been awhile since the last up date here so let's get caught up. New retired Wine Barrel items have been added such as a Jewelry Organizer and Wine Bottle Trellis's to name a few. Also added recently are our own Wine Designed Kitchen Aprons and Tea Towels. Many or these items and others on this site can also be had at Red Feather Winery's Tasting Room in Livermore, Ca. So if you're in the neighborhood stop on by, you might even to to meet us there. Speaking of Red Feather, personally  got to help Harvest thier Estate 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, Punch it down and Press these past couple months. A lot of hard work but fun! 


Got a call from Ricardo of Wine Nation TV. He has a new episode out on You Tube interviewing Coturri Winery, just search for Wine Nation TV or you can see it here at Wine-Fi. And while you at it check out "The Corkscrew Diary" hosted by the Toasted Hostess Deborah Gee. 


Thanksgiving is coming up, how are you going to keep track of your Wine Glass? How about some plush Turkey Wine Glass Slippers. 


That is it for now, in the mean time keep on Wine-Fi'ing and be safe out there.  


Aug 31st 2009 - Well I guess Summer is over, mornings are getting a little darker so are the evenings, kids are back in school, Wineries are bottling and getting ready for Harvest. Speaking of Wineries we met some great people Connie & Dan Davis of Red Feather Winery in Livermore Ca. First met them through a Wine Meetup Group to pull Suckers from their Vines, then participated in a Breast Cancer Fund Raiser at the Winery and one thing lead to another to where we now volunteer in the tasting Room time permitting. They have a White Cab that's great chilled on a warm day and when mixed with their Champagne it's really something special, great flavors. Their 2007 Estate Cabernet is nothing to sneeze at either, we've helped bottle that a few times :-) So while your Wine-Fi'ing around the net or in the Livermore Valley in California check them out.  

Another friend of Wine-Fi, Melinda Yee got her Sommerlier Certification earlier this year Congratulations !! Check out her blog at Enjoy Fine Wines. 

On to "New" product here. Looking above you probably noticed the new Wine Camp Shirts, Verticle Vines & Tropical Winery. Just like our top selling Napa & Sonoma Camp Shirts we're keeping prices reasonable and why not! Lolita Christmas ornaments are in, yes I did say Christmas, Mini-Wine Mini-Tini & Mini-Pilsners for you Beer drinkers out their. Guess this gives you a jump on the Holiday's. Over the Summer we got into making our own Wine Barrel furniture for lack of a better term, any way Clocks, Serving Trays, Bottle Stopper Displays and more. These items are made from retired Wine Barrels and I've tried to maintain the characteristics of each Head & Stave, Wine stains, Toasting etc.  

That's it for the moment, keep on Wine-Fi'ing out there and be safe.     


July 6th 2009 - Just about everyone enjoys a good heart warming Dog Story. And being Dogs are a big hit at wineries with books being written etc. thought I’d pass along a short story from “Small Winery”. Bet you didn’t know dogs could get glaucoma? Neither did I !   




This is the label for my wine "ONE EYED JACK" That features my dog Spot; a "Jack Russell" who sadly but true is blind in one eye. I used her on the label to educate other dog owners about glaucoma in dogs; esp. Jacks. I am a ER nurse; who knows all about glaucoma in people; but I had no idea that dogs could get it!  Finally after; 2 weeks and 4 different vets; my dog was diagnosed correctly; but by then she was blind in one eye and now we strive to keep her one good eye still seeing her Frisbee with daily medication! (a drop each eye 2 times a day!! One med is 90$ every 2 mo and that is just for the blind eye!!) But she don't know she is blind in one eye; and I haven't told her!~LOL~ She is a Happy Jack!! And if perhaps, my little wine label saves even one other Jack from being blind; then it will be worth the effort to share my wine and knowledge! Who knows you may have a Jack; or know someone who "knows Jack" and will share this information! ~LOL~ yet another pun; sorry I couldn't resist! 


Terrie Small RN (Small Winery)  






June 15th 2009 - Drink some Wine and save the environment, ReCork America·we all can help. Read more at "Frank Loves Wine". 



June 2nd 2009 - Well it's been awhile, ok maybe a long time·since I've written any musing or newz·about the goings on here at . Sorry about that, got caught up in the Wine 2.0/Social Networking craze and probably joined too many. It's all fine and dandy, made some contacts & "Friends" if you will, but it's time to get back to basics here. So let's get started/caught up. 

This past April was our 2nd year Anniversary, thank you all for making it possible even in this present economy. Without your support or curiosity about it wouldn't have been possible, thank you again. 

We do have quite a few new items listed and a twist on some old ideas/product out there·in the world.·  

Collegiate Glassware- Wine, Pilsner & a few Martini glasses are new here. These are hand painted by Artist Alice Allred with the colleges' logo/mascot, sold in sets of 2 only and each glass comes in·it's own·Tube Style box. Don't have every College but there is a rather good selection. 

Bohemian Glass Art Stemware from the Czech Republic is a new addition. These are handblown goblets that each has it's own character being hand made. We odered a set of the Crystal White ourselves and I'll tell you these are nice goblets. They do have a little heftyness to them, not dainty put up and display forever because they might break if you use them type of glasses. Very nice quality. 

We have the full line of "Wine Talk" ceramics by cartoonist Bob Johnson. Have a little fun with them during your next Wine Tasting party. 

There is a whole lot more here so please·do pour yourself a glass of good Wine and browse around a little. Remember now, trying to bring you as much as possible may even mean being directed to another site, but that's because I think they have cool products also. 

Oh ya, the "twist on some old ideas/product" I mentioned.... so I got some Wine Barrels from Testarossa Winery in Los Gatos (daughter #1 works there). Made your standard Stave Candle Holder holding 5 volives and candles. I tried to preserve the characteristics of each Stave so each is different and not a factory/production looking piece.  

Now comes the twists and a new idea.  

Bottle Stoppers, Bottle Stoppers, Bottle Stoppers·- You've collected them, got them as presents/gifts and if they're not on top of a nice bottle of Wine they're hidden away in a drawer somewhere. Well it's time to get them out and displayed! New here and most likely any where else a Stave Bottle Stopper Display. I think it's a great idea, showed a few friends and family and they like it too. And·now my twist of an old idea and a·new idea.·I've taken the Stave Candle Holder idea and combined it my Bottle Stopper Display for a Combination Stave Candle Holder & Bottle Stopper Display. This holds 3 candles and· 8 bottle stoppers. Nothing like it out there in the world, I checked. I'll/you'll probably see copies of it out there soon but at least I finally beat some one to the punch. I always hated it when I had an idea·then saw it in late night infomercials·6 months later. So now we can say we saw it here first! 

Well let's wrap up this update now, I will stay on top of it more. So Happy Wine-Fi'ing out there and be Safe.

Dec. 23rd 2008 - First a Merry Christmas to you and yours.

As for product updates all SKU's with WSD.* are PULLED until further notice. Please DO NOT order these SKU's till further notice!!!

Nov. 22nd 2008 - Well it's been awhile since my last update so here we go !!!!!!  Thankgiving is next week, do you have your Turkey Wine Glass coasters?  We have them on sale for $17.00 a $2.99 savings. Order soon so you can have them by Thursday! Black Friday starts for most Nov.28th but let's give you a jump on everybody else and start Thanksgiving Day Nov. 27th - Sunday Nov. 30th and save 15% with BF15 on in-house products BW-*, DC-*, GP-*, MP-*, WT-*, SLV-*, MW-*, CA-*, TS-*, WPM-*, TSFC-*, PW-*, SR-*, QM-*, PT-*, CC-*, CLFC-*, HBH-*, WWP-*, KC-*, WF-*, SBDS-*, EP-*, KD-*, KA-*, GR-*, HKC-*, BF-*, BU-*, MWW-*. Gather the Wine Lovers in your family around, do a little Wine-Fi'ing and Happy Shopping ! 

Oct. 6th 2008 – 2008 is flying by here it is October already. So for you Halloween fans out there we still have a few Bride and Groom Skeleton Wine covers available. Once these are sold out they are SOLD OUT! Since we’re talking about Brides and Grooms do check out the Bride and Groom Skeleton Cake Topper, no cake this Halloween would be complete without one. In other product news:  Those Wild and Fun Lolita Glasses are here in Miniature form as Christmas Ornaments. We have on hand Mini-Tini’s and Mini-Wine glasses to adorn that Spruce this year. Some of the designs are retired so this just may be your last chance to collect them at a great price of $12.00 each such as the Mini-Tini Dirty Martini and “Bejeweled” Mini-Tini to name a few. In relation to Martini’s but none to Lolita, we’ve come across some Holiday Martini Glasses “Warmest Holiday Wishes”, “Joy to the World”, “Joy Peace and Love” and “Tis the Season” at a very reasonable $15.00 each.  A new page and products added is “Wine Talk” Cartoon ceramics by Bob Johnson. Add a little humor to your next Wine Party.  Awhile back (Aug. 29th 2008) I had mentioned that Wine-Fi wanted to give back to the Community with your help and reward you in the process. Unfortunately no one has taken advantage of it yet so I’ve renamed the page from “Charity & Non-Profit” to “Discount Codes” to hopefully get a little more attention to these causes.  Well that’s it for now, Happy Wine-Fi’ing out there and be safe.  

Sept. 12th 2008 - Wine-Fi is proud to announce our relationship with Grind "The Pepper Mill Company".  These Mills are very high quality with a stainless steel mechanism that’s covered with a Life Time Warranty. But it's not Wine related you may say. Good food needs a little Salt & Pepper and of course a good glass of Wine to tie it all together.  To go with your new Grind Salt & Peppercorn Mills consider our collection of the world’s finest Gourmet Sea Salts from Hawaii Kai Corporation on the island of Molokai using 21st Century Technology.  Palm Island Premium salts begin with freshly harvested Pacific sea salt with no additives and nothing artificial.  White Silver is the base for all of Palm Island's Sea Salts, Bamboo Jade , Black Lava & Red Gold to round out this Gourmet Salt family. Finally, Whole Peppercorns and Coarse Black Pepper . The White and Green Peppercorns are really from the same Peppercorn just different processes are used for their colors. The Pink Peppercorn is a totally different plant seed but resembles characteristics of Black Pepper. Mix these Peppercorns up and you have a colorful festive decorative mix. Nothing but the BEST here! The BEST Salt & Pepper Mills, the BEST Sea Salts and the BEST Peppercorns.

August 29th 2008 - Well it's about time I get a little caught up...again! Got a new Logo thanks to a friend. I tweaked it a little but good job Wanne, THANKS ! A lot of re-arranging of pages and new products have been listed and let's have a Labor Day Sale for the next week. So let's start the sale with our BEST Sellers the EZ Pull Penguin Corkscrew Opener , The Versovino , Wine Tiles (hey, I thought I changed that Font), Men's Wine Camp Shirts , Blind Wine Game (these are going fast) as are our Wine Charms . Now for something new, Ladies we've found some cute Wine related Night Shirts and of coarse Ladies Wine Camp Shirts are still and always will be a bargin at $15.00 for all sizes. More items Chauncey Homer Plaques , Susan Rene Art Prints , Worlds Great Wine Grapes reference cards  and so much more! 

 You may have noticed a page that seems out of place here "Charity & Non-Profit" , well a friend suggested that Wine-Fi give back to the community and I thought it was a great idea. So please do check it out.

What else, what else is going on here........... Halloween is coming up and we have some Scary People Wine Bottle covers. Very cool and a very limited supply! Thanksgiving page is a little sparce but hey have you seen these Turkey Wine glass Slippers? And for Christmas I think we have a pretty good selection, especially the Reindeer Ornaments aka "Christmas Caribooze". I never knew Blitzen was such a wild kinda ......Reindeer!

Well it's back to the "Grind" here ...oh speaking of Grind Wine-Fi is proud to announce our relationship with Grind "The Pepper Mill Company". I saw a demo of thier Salt and Pepper grinders and just had to order them. They are very high quality with a stainless steel mechanism and a Life Time Warranty. But it's not Wine related you may say. Well ...kinda sorta not really ya why not? Good food needs a little Salt & Pepper and of coarse a good glass of Wine to tie it all together. So, there it is, quality products enhancing or enhanced by quality Wine. Now I'm done.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend, and be safe out there Wine-Fi'ing. Cheers to your Good Health! 

July 19th 2008 -  The past couple weeks have been busy and exciting. I'm pleased to bring you those wild and fun glasses by Lolita. I picked up Lolita Champagne and Wine Glasses and although not Wine related we have Lolita Martini glasses, Magarita glasses and Shooters. All these glasses are hand painted, gifted boxed and have a cocktail recipe located on the bottom. So those of you that are adventurous check them out. I have reasonable pricing too! While Wine-Fi'ing around the net I came across other glassware, the Bacchus Collection. These Glasses are also hand painted with a grape design. And there's more to the Bacchus Collection than just Glasses but Plates, Pitchers, Bud Vase and Oil/Vinegar Bottles. More adventures turned up some very looking Pewter Goblets to, check them out at the bottom of the Goblets Flutes Glasses Sippers page. Oh, and not to be left out is Alice Art "The Winettes"Pinot Gracie-O and  Char Donnay Wine Glasses and Champagne Set. Ok so that's glassware all caught up. Last time I mentioned I had Holiday items coming in and they're here. Halloween and Thanksgiving are a little sparse to say the least. But Christmas, ya some very cool ornaments of Santa's Reindeer as you've never seen them before! And throw in Wine Bottle Jewelry , Vineyard Kissing Fish ornaments by Katherine's Collection and Carrie Co. Wine Glass Coasters. Found some Wine/Grape related Bird Baths for you Bird Lovers out there, scroll down the Wine Odds and Ends page. Emm I've a feeling I'll be re-arranging that page soon. The Vinturi Wine Aerator is here and I've got it reasonably priced a $38.50. I've added a new page for Clocks with Wine and Grape designs check it out. Well that's a pretty good update. Keep on Wine-Fi'ing and be safe out there.

July 9th 2008 - As we all know times are a little rough now, high fuel prices, job loss etc. Our spending power just isn't the same and then you look at Barrel Furniture and Chris Chaney Creations Jewelry pricing and there's sticker shock. Quality items for sure, but wow it can be an up front investment . So looking for ways to ease the pain I found and incorporated "e-Layway" into my payment options. There's a 1.9% flat rate fee, no credit checks, you only need a checking account to open this up and you've up to 6 months to complete the purchase, there's more details as you go through the process. Shipping cost of the Barrel Furniture will be invoiced at time of shipment through paypal and we can make arrangements on that too. Also, I do want to point out that it's possible a style may be discontinued in this 6 month time frame, but a comparable choice should be available. If you'd feel more comfortable checking lenght of availability please do e-mail with your question. Now of coarse there are items here that I've no control over but a good percentage can qualify. So I hope you take advantage of this new payment option , it's just Wine-Fi's way of helping you live and look that "Wine Country" style you want.   

July 6th 2008 - Hope you all had a great July 4th and a safe July 4th .Well....................this past week has been nothing but work, work, work here at Wine-Fi. All kinds of Cool and Classy Wine items have been coming in and needed to be photographed, written up, categorized, analyzed and ported. Did you know we retailers have to get our orders in for Halloween & Christmas items in at least by March if not April !!!!  But hey, I feel good with the new product here and I am really jazzed with the items for Halloween and Christmas they are totally cool!New items here : Cabernet du Soleil Collection of Placemat, Table Runners and Plates to name a few. Kay Dee Designs Aprons, Pot Holders, Terry Towels and Rugs (Comfort Mats) found on page Table & Kitchenware.Also in Table & Kitchenware new Party Plates and Cheese Cutting Boards with new designs. And there’s more on the way.International Customers please e-mail for shipping quotes. With Fuel prices the way they are now I had to re-evaluate Flate Rates to giving you the best and cheapest possible option.


June 22nd 2008 - I put in a lot of work into Wine-Fi the past couple days adding new pages like Bacchus & Dionysos the Roman & Greek Gods of Wine, and Puppy/Dog Apparel for that Fido in your life.  As always the goal is to bring YOU as much Wine Related items as possible. I also have some unigue items coming in soon to Dress up your wine Bottles and impress your guests at any Wine event.

June 14th 2008 - E-mail issues resolved, there's more than one way to Squash a Grape!  


Summer is here more or less and Wine-Fi'ing will be on our/your top agenda. So many Wineries to visit, new releases to Taste and buy. And now that you've bought and cruising to your next favorite or new Winery your precious purchase is in back of the car in the trunk or back seat, cooking in that Summer Heat. A little advise, keep it cool. Here's something I tend to do, freeze up some tap water in empty plastic water bottles or soda 2 liter bottles, it'll melt slower than ice cubes, put them in a cooler whether it be a big ole' Igloo or Wine Tote and my precious Wines are kept nice and cool during the trip. Another tip I've heard and tried is throw a blanket or coat over them. Doesn't sound right but it seems to work, acts like an insulator, bottle should be cool at purchase and it keeps that coolness confined while covered.

Coming soon - Kay Dee Designs - Wine Towels,Place Mats, Aprons and more. Lolita Wine Glasses, and a few interesting Wine Bottle covers.
Changed around the Muzac page a little and added a little, wanted to give Big Rain and Kevin Kooyumjiam their own dedicated page. Great Muscians they are! I like them.
Met Manuel Barrios, Artist behind Fine Wine Designz last night. Very nice person and passionate about his Art. He paints soley with Red Wine, very classy pieces we all can appreciate.  Emmmm, have see if I can promote some of his pieces here at Wine-Fi.
Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's out there! Be safe.


May 29th 2008 -  E-Mail Problems - currently I am having e-mail problems with AT&T. All e-mails sent to and are being blocked. Please use until this issue is resolved. Sorry for any and all missed correspondance.

May 19th 2008 - A few updates for you, Wine-Fi now has some of your favorite Movies related to Wine such as "Sideways" and "A Good Year" and TV Shows "Uncorked with Billy Merritt", and the adventures of Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick of American Idol fame as they buy their own Vineyard in "Corkscrewed: The Wrath of Grapes". We also touch on Food and Wine with "NapaStyle"and "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations". Ok maybe Anthony doesn't explore Wine too much but he does the Food, I like his shows and think they're enteraining,  informative, and they're pretty funny too! I could drink a glass of Wine with him, maybe two, three ............ Any way hopefully more Movies and Shows to come.

The Wine Media page with Books, CD's & DVD's has been cleaned up a bit thanks to new features from Amazon using a Carousel type format, very cool.

Versovino's are back in stock.

Lastly our regrads to the Robert Mondavi family. Robert did great things for the California Wine Industry to say the least.

May 3rd 2008 - Just a quick note, Mother's Day is FAST approaching. My  Anniversary sale is still on for Mother's Day but time is short. Just about everything here is on SALE so take advantage while you can. And be safe out there.  

April 20th 2008 - As mentioned back on the 7th of this month I was working a music page, well I've gone ahead and published it with 2 favs of mine. So may I introduce to you ...... no, no not Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band but out of Santa Cruz, California "Big Rain" and from Monterey's Cannery Row in California "Kevin Kooyumjian" . Two distict musical styles Big Rain - a unique Rock, Country & Blues mix and Kevin with own unique stlye of instrumental music of Jazz, Latin, Blues, Salsa and on and on. So I hope you check these Artist out with a open mind and a full glass of Wine and enjoy.

April 18th 2008 - Mother's Day May 11th is around the corner so let's keep the Anniversary sale going and add a Mother's Day page of Wine Baskets & Packs. There are some great Mom & Mother Jewelry items under Apparel & Jewelry that are affordable. And of coarse you could splurge on her too with Chris Chaney Creations jewerly. But don't stop at these few pages there's all kinds of gift ideas here, so please browse around.

April 7th 2008 - Well, I almost "Wined" this out, this month is 's 1 year Anniversary! So let's celebrate a little with sales on most items. Also, I'll be posting new items that should complete a Grape Theme, you have to wait and see,emm maybe a page just for that Theme??? We'll see. Oh and I'm working on a Muzak page. Ok fine, not Muzak per se, that stuff has been known to annoy people, but Music that has a Wine Theme or mention of and Musicians or Groups that I've enjoyed myself at a Winery or seems to just fit. So, again that will be coming soon. For an idea though if you're curious check out , remember it's a work a work in progress, but I think it'll be pretty cool. So, any way please enjoy my "1 Year Anniversary Sale" this month and be safe out there.

Marrch 22nd 2008 -  Wine-Fi is pleased to bring you the “The Grape Jewelry Collection” by Chris Chaney Creations located in Apparel & Jewelry/Chris Chaney Creations. Chris’s Argijewelry designs of Grape Clusters in Ear Rings, Necklace’s and Brooch’s are handmade of 14kt Yellow & White Gold.  He’s incorporated Garnets,  Amethyst & Hsui Jade Gemsotes as the Grapes themselves. Other Grape Cluster designs are of either Black or White Fresh Water Pearls.  A sprinkling of Diamonds here and there are though out several designs. Be the envy of formal Wine Parties or any occasion! Buy now as Gold prices are going up.

Oh, almost forgot. Wedding season is coming and hopefully Wine-Fi can help you soon to be Brides and Grooms a little with some choices of Wedding Toasting Flutes and ensembles in the "Wedding Flutes & More" page. Cheers to you, the Bride and Groom !!!!

March 8th 2008 - New items and ideas are flowing here at Wine-Fi. Women's "Vintage Vino Tee's" are here! Black is the only available color but it is a nice looking Tee, is "WA" (Wife Approved, very important). There is another I'm looking at but that's a FP (Future Project).  A few pages have been consolidated , new accessories added such as a classy Sommeliers' Tasting Cup, Pampered Grape items helping you with your Wine Glass & Decanter cleaning & drying solutions and old school Wine Openers under "Wine Accessories". 

For you EZ Pull Penguin fans out there, I have these on sale at the moment, save yourself $9.00 per model. Tell a friend, order one for a friend, love one or to add to your collection of openers. Makes a great "St. Patrick Day" gift too (??????).... to open those Green Bottles of Wine!

So, until later updates are Wine-Fi'ed here, have a SAFE "St. Patrick's Day", a HAPPY "Easter" and Cheers to you and yours!  

Feb. 27th 2008 - As I mentioned  back in January I came across new Tile designs, well they're and post for your review and purchase. Some are actually new while others are slight variations to 2007 designs. Please be aware not all tiles can ship in USPS Flate Rate boxes that pretty much includes sizes 4x16, 11x14 and 12x12. The Flat Rate Boxes just aren't big enough to properly protect your Tile during shipping. The 8x8 Tiles though should be fine but if you do have a question please e-mail with your question(s).

Now for some other Wine-Fi tid bits. My wife does Mechandising/Secret Shopper jobs on the side. Recently she's come across a few Wine Related jobs where she has to buy a bottle of Wine at Bev Mo ($10.00 max) but gets re-imbursed for it and supposedly $10.00 to do the job and write a report. Another she had to order a bottle of Wine on-line and later go to that specificWinery, take a tour, ask questions and buy another bottle of Wine. Of coarse she was re-imbursed for the purchases and paid for the job and report.Other jobs she's seen are going to Napa Resturants etc. Jobs may vary per your region but who knows what's in your particular area. Sound interesting?  E-Mail for more details if you're interested.

Feb. 21st 2008 - Well we finally have some items for you Fine Wine Lady's out there under Jewelry and Women's Wine Apperal. It's not much but at least it's a start, more to come in time. It's kinda tough finding decently priced items that are still classy. So check out the Grape Cluster Jewelry, Necklaces, Earrings, and Grape design Scrafs & Women's Wine Camp Shirts under Jewelry and Women's Wine Apperal pages. Cheers to you and yours and be safe out there Wine-Fi'ing.

Feb 7th 2008 - Recently a study was done telling participants they were tasting expensive Wine's when they weren't and then had them taste "Cheap Wine's". Per the study if a taster is told an inferior Wine is expensive they'll actually think it's great! Where as a known quality Wine is passed on as being "cheap", it's considered as such. I spoke to my friend JP and my wife about this and all agree .........they picked some lousy tasters. In our time we've all tasted expensive wines and cheap wines. We've all Wine-Fi'd about and for all three of us it's all about taste. Price never swayed our judgements (other than our budget that day). My advice is, "Don't let price influence you!" Either you'll like a Wine or not and if you're not sure then set yourself up a Blind Wine tasting. And guess what ! I can help you there too with our Blindwine Tasting Game and Ravenscroft Glasses specifically for blindwine tastings. Now you can prove the study right or wrong. Are you BLINDWINE GAME ??????
Feb 4th 2008 - Cool Wine Dogs and Cool Wine Cats by Susan Rene' are here under Wine Art! These 8x10 prints are suitable for framing and lightening up any Room or Wine Cellar atmosphere with a little Wine humor. And we all need a little chuckle or a crack of a smile to get through our hectic lives once in awhile. Cheers to you Susan!!!
Jan 28th 2008 - Spent 2 days tracking down new and unique Wine related items at the San Francisco Gift Show this past weekend. Met some great Vendors, made some new acquaintances and wined up with old & new friends.Orders were placed and coming soon:Women’s Wine Tee’s, Grape Cluster Jewelry, more great Tiles and “Grape” design tableware. And I’m proud to announce !!!!! Cool Wine Dog & Cool Wine Cat prints by none other than Susan Rene’ artist extraordinaire. Hopefully you’ll agree they’re fun, cool and something you’ve been looking for. Cheers to you and yours. Be Safe out there.


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