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Wine Tips

Enjoy your Wine to it’s fullest potential with these tips. Savor Wine with your three senses - your eyes, your nose and your palate.
  • Your eyes take in the clarity, color and consistency.
  • Your nose appreciates the intensity or delicacy of the bouquet.
  • Your palate will interpret the harmony of taste, texture and bouquet so that all of the components of a wine’s character can be savored.
 These are important serving reminders.
  • When you server wine, always hold the glass by it’s stem.  Touching the bowl can affect the look and taste of fine wines.
  • For perfect tasting, the glass should be 1/3rd full.
  • When serving sparkling wines or champagne, the glass should be 2/3rds full.
 Recommended wine-serving temperatures.
  • Sparkling Wines: 44-48 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Mature and complex dry white wines: 44-50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Rose` and nouveau wines: 50-53 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Young red wines with low acidity: 48-50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Structured red wines: 59-62 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Aged and dry red wines: 61-64 degrees Fahrenheit
  • For fine aged wines it is possible to go above 64 degrees Fahrenheit
 An important reminder.You should always wash stemware well with soap and water and rinse thoroughly. Any residue on the glass can detract from the taste and experience of wine or spirits.


Well, we’ve all read or heard that a few glasses of Red Wine per day could be good for your Heart. Now a new study indicates that Red Wine may also help reduce Lung Cancer in smokers (read more), now that’s not to say it’s a cure and not smoking is every Doctor’s recommendation. 
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